The Heartworks Of Sebastian Schimpf

Here you can see a selection of my digital artworks.
May this page be an inspiration to look closer, go deeper and just feel.

Artist Statement

Everything can be art and everybody can be an artist if one chooses so. The only real limitation of artistic expression is the mind’s imagination and I believe that life is about going beyond our imagination.

My gift is to make things visible. I am experiencing and expressing the Infinite Creative Potential of the soul. I am playing with shapes and colors to express feelings, emotions, mental concepts and also visions that come from the very source of who I am. Some images come to me in my meditations or when I do yoga.

I am sharing my heartworks to reflect my inner world and to inspire you – the beholder of creation and the creator itself because you basically create what your self sees and so you have the chance to go on your own journey with each of these artworks.

I have dedicated my life to the reality of Infinite Love and the realization of Endless Loving. This gives my creativity a sensible direction. My aim is to constantly go and grow beyond my imagination and to embody higher consciousness and share divine inspiration. I choose to life my live in loving service to the world and all of creation. Namaste