Merging Heaven and Earth

Merging Heaven and Earth

In the vast expanse above, where stars shimmer and galaxies whisper secrets, there dwell the luminous forms of humanity, each a celestial mirror of the being below.

These are not mere reflections, but the divine echoes of our truest selves, patiently waiting, perpetually shining, beckoning us to merge with them.

Every step taken in authenticity, each act of integrity, brings us closer to these astral bodies. With every honest breath, we inch closer to that splendid reunion, a sacred dance of Heaven and Earth. For in the embrace of our divine counterpart, we find the truest sense of self-realization, a divination of spirit that transcends time and space.

Yet, the path to this celestial union is not marked by mere destiny or fate; it is carved by our choices, by the conscious efforts we make to shed the heavy cloaks of past regrets and societal expectations. To ascend is not to merely believe in the stars or a higher being, but to actively work towards becoming the light we were always meant to be.

In the quiet corners of our heart, where dreams are birthed and hopes are nurtured, lies the realization that we are not solitary beings. We are threads in a grand tapestry, interconnected and interwoven, each strand vital to the whole. Humanity, in all its diversity and splendor, is a singular divine family.

Our souls, though scattered, are bound by an ethereal thread, pulling us toward the realization of our oneness. So, let us journey onward, not as isolated travelers, but as pilgrims of a shared destiny. Let us listen to the cosmic symphony, where every note resonates with the promise of unity. For in the dance of the cosmos, beneath the watchful gaze of our astral selves, we will find our place, our purpose, our connection to all that is and ever will be. And as the mists of time unravel and the veils of illusion lift, we shall see, with newfound clarity, the path that leads us home. To a place where Earth meets Heaven, where the human and the divine become one, and where, in the embrace of our celestial family, we find eternal peace and boundless love.

…… .. …. . . . … . .. . . . . …….

Made with imagination, DALL-E 3, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. For more artworks, visit one of my galleries.

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I have worked with Sebastian on several projects over the years because I trust him to take my ideas and make them better! He is a great communicator and combines technical know-how with artistry to create a balance of beauty and function. I have always been amazed by how the original idea is turned into the finished creation.

Clifton Schooley

Architect & Builder

Bali, Indonesia

What can be done in 10 hours?

While the answer to this question is also determined by the nature of the project and the dynamics of the collaboration itself, I can tell you that I can often and actually do quite a lot in 10 hours. But what is “a lot” ??? 😄 Let me try to explain ….

For a complete logo design this timeframe may not be enough unless your ideas about the logo are very clear and the logo design itself can be simple. A development from scratch without specific ideas about what you want, will usually take more than 10 hours, that’s why I have create a page that explains about the way I approach logo design

I can create a poster or flyer in 10 hours, some banners for social media posts, or a template for branded posts on Instagram, a simple layout for a homepage (1 page) of a website if the branding is there already and if there is text and a concept for the structure of the page. (Of course a layout  for a website design can be very complex but a 10-hours time frame can be a starting point.)

I can create an illustration (if not too complex), a 3D character design (if the concept is simple), and I can also create a book cover in 10 hours, if the concept can be simple. 

Sometimes I can even do very complex and refined things in 10 hours but to say this as a general promise for this special offer would be too much. It really depends on  what you actually need and that’s why it will be necessary to discuss your project before I can really tell you what I can do for you in 10 hours. 

Sebastian created my logo. We went through a beautiful process together. He is a very good artist and the Logo is very beautiful.
I am forever grateful for the wonderful work he did for me.

Satyarthi Peloquin

Founder of Myofascial Energetic Release

Sebastian is an exceptionally gifted creative professional who possesses the remarkable ability to precisely capture a brand’s unique energy and convey it with elegance and finesse. Our organization enlisted Sebastian’s expertise for the creation of our logo, and his work surpassed our expectations in every way. The final design was not only visually striking, but it also exhibited a harmonious balance and alignment with divine principles, reflecting the very soul of our brand.

Sebastian’s diligence and unwavering commitment to excellence ensure that the deliverables he produces are of the highest quality and perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs of his clients. I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with Sebastian for any innovative project that requires a genuine connection with your target audience and an authentic representation of your brand’s essence.

Nikhil Kalé

Co-founder & CEO at Asray

Sebastian is a brilliant visionary designer and his quality of work far exceeds the capabilities of regular designers. His ability to create you a unique and dynamic product will easily enhance your brands value like it did for mine.

Oliver Lang

Professional Paintball Player, Entrepreneur

Collaborating with Sebastian on my organization’s logo was a wonderfully organic experience. It was as if we’d planted a seed together and nurtured it from every different angle until in grew up into a mighty tree. Suddenly, we recognized it as if it had always been there…like a sculpture emerging from raw stone. He has cultivated such a balance of patience and drive that he knows when to play, he knows when to push, and he knows when to simply wait. In this way, he helps everyone to get to know ourselves better in the process.

Joshua Edjida

Author - Healer - Coach

For 6 months i was looking for an expert who is able to express the essence of my brand into a logo, and Sebastian did it so well. He works on many different realms of design, marketing, geometry but what i love about him that he brings spiritual depth to his projects, creating unique forms of love and light. 

Nisarga Eryk Dobosz

Bodyworker & Trainer

Sebastian created a logo and a website for me. I am very happy with the results. He understood quickly about my vision and took initiative with ideas and design that lead further with graphical perfection and reliable technical solutions.
I can identify very well with the website and the logo and feel authentically represented by it.

Markus Breyer

Ayurveda Practitioner & Lecturer

The collaboration with Sebastian fascinates me. He does his creative work so skillfully and precisely, and from such a high energy frequency, that we get to results that amaze me, over and over again.  

I am really grateful for what he has created for me. 

Holger Eckstein

Coach, Author, Speaker

Working with Seb was a beautiful, collaborative process. He really listened and attuned to what I was wanting to express in my website and came up with many creative, professional ways to make it happen! He has a great eye for detail and always looked for ways to improve and make special touches to my site. I really appreciate that Seb is a total professional and also really honest and easy to work with on my site!

Prema McKeever

Trainings - Retreats - Private Sessions