The Expectation Station

The Expectation Station

Expectations are assumptions of a difficult kind.

Let me give you an example of expectations that are reasonable: A promise, a contract, a business deal, a purchase, or an agreement, be it written or spoken. Here we “should” expect the other party to act with integrity, as long as we fulfill our part.  

All other expectations are unreasonable in my eyes. This does not mean that we can’t have definitions and standards for what is acceptable or tolerable behavior, however, any expectation existing outside of the reasonable parameters that I have just mentioned, are highly problematic. As of today, the average human characteristic is to have tons of expectations in almost every aspect of life, be it negative expectations (fear-based) or something that we are just taking for granted (in the sense of entitlement).

I believe that expectations are a possible killer for relationships and friendships, as they can create a lot of tension and conflict that is unresolvable. 

I want to make some statements here to provoke you to look in your own life where you may hold on to unreasonable expectations. 

She is always talking about her problems and can’t stop complaining! 

He always wants me to do this for him!

They should tell me about that when I need to know! 

The waitress is not bringing me the menu without me asking for it! 

People should be more respectful when they talk to me!

He never calls me!

I told my mom so many times that I hate it when she does that. 

Now, there are certainly situations where we just need to communicate properly and find new agreements with the people around us, so things can be clear and there is a better ground for mutual understanding. However, this is not always possible and we have to accept that everybody comes with a different “capacity” to do things or to understand about circumstances. 



You can’t expect them to feel you.
You can’t expect them to understand you.

You can’t expect them to understand your thoughts and feelings and act accordingly. 

You can’t even expect them to hear you, even if you are talking to them very clearly, even if you talk to them repeatedly.  

I also believe that we cannot forgive others as long as we hold on to expectations. This could be expectations that we had in the past, expectations that were not met. It could also have been that our needs were simply not met, and that is very likely so true for most of us. A spiritual teacher that I am following has spoken about an “expectancy system” that is in place in our society which is basically part of a fundamental corruption of the human spirit. 

Imagine if you run around your whole life with lots of expectations and you are constantly troubled because you are endlessly disappointed and you continuously feel betrayed because people don’t meet your expectations. 

The way I see it that everything we do for each other (outside of certain agreements) is voluntary, and I find it very important to always keep that in mind, especially at times when I feel somewhat triggered by other peoples actions or inactions.

The problem is that we feel so damn entitled and that we think it is normal to have expectations towards others. Let me tell you, it is not. It may be deemed normal, it may be common, but it is not healthy. 

Having expectations is very similar to making assumptions, and that is a bad thing. Every expectation is actually based on an assumption and it has perhaps nothing to do with an actual reality. It is just an artificial construct based on thoughts and it is not healthy. 

In fact being healthy is to be silent and to have a mind that is free of thoughts. 

Can you imagine?
I think most people can’t even believe this.
Let me tell you again: Being healthy means to be free of thought, at least at those times where you choose to relax and not engage in the excessive thinking that has become the norm. To be able to stop your thinking process at will, and to be free of the nagging inner voice is something we need for our well-being.

I believe that we can never be truly fulfilled if we can’t be empty, empty in the sense of being silent, not having nagging thoughts and an ongoing inner dialogue that feels like a crazy person constantly talking to itself. 

Imagine how it would be to not have expectations and to instead find ways to communicate with great care and with love, and to let people know what you need and kindly ask them if they may be willing to fulfill your needs, be it as an act of friendship, an exchange, or even just out of kindness – to support another human being. 

If we are able to understand our “expectancy system”, stop making assumptions all the time, we may very well be on our way to freedom, maybe even global peace. 

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I have worked with Sebastian on several projects over the years because I trust him to take my ideas and make them better! He is a great communicator and combines technical know-how with artistry to create a balance of beauty and function. I have always been amazed by how the original idea is turned into the finished creation.

Clifton Schooley

Architect & Builder

Bali, Indonesia

What can be done in 10 hours?

While the answer to this question is also determined by the nature of the project and the dynamics of the collaboration itself, I can tell you that I can often and actually do quite a lot in 10 hours. But what is “a lot” ??? 😄 Let me try to explain ….

For a complete logo design this timeframe may not be enough unless your ideas about the logo are very clear and the logo design itself can be simple. A development from scratch without specific ideas about what you want, will usually take more than 10 hours, that’s why I have create a page that explains about the way I approach logo design

I can create a poster or flyer in 10 hours, some banners for social media posts, or a template for branded posts on Instagram, a simple layout for a homepage (1 page) of a website if the branding is there already and if there is text and a concept for the structure of the page. (Of course a layout  for a website design can be very complex but a 10-hours time frame can be a starting point.)

I can create an illustration (if not too complex), a 3D character design (if the concept is simple), and I can also create a book cover in 10 hours, if the concept can be simple. 

Sometimes I can even do very complex and refined things in 10 hours but to say this as a general promise for this special offer would be too much. It really depends on  what you actually need and that’s why it will be necessary to discuss your project before I can really tell you what I can do for you in 10 hours. 

Sebastian created my logo. We went through a beautiful process together. He is a very good artist and the Logo is very beautiful.
I am forever grateful for the wonderful work he did for me.

Satyarthi Peloquin

Founder of Myofascial Energetic Release

Sebastian is an exceptionally gifted creative professional who possesses the remarkable ability to precisely capture a brand’s unique energy and convey it with elegance and finesse. Our organization enlisted Sebastian’s expertise for the creation of our logo, and his work surpassed our expectations in every way. The final design was not only visually striking, but it also exhibited a harmonious balance and alignment with divine principles, reflecting the very soul of our brand.

Sebastian’s diligence and unwavering commitment to excellence ensure that the deliverables he produces are of the highest quality and perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs of his clients. I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with Sebastian for any innovative project that requires a genuine connection with your target audience and an authentic representation of your brand’s essence.

Nikhil Kalé

Co-founder & CEO at Asray

Sebastian is a brilliant visionary designer and his quality of work far exceeds the capabilities of regular designers. His ability to create you a unique and dynamic product will easily enhance your brands value like it did for mine.

Oliver Lang

Professional Paintball Player, Entrepreneur

Collaborating with Sebastian on my organization’s logo was a wonderfully organic experience. It was as if we’d planted a seed together and nurtured it from every different angle until in grew up into a mighty tree. Suddenly, we recognized it as if it had always been there…like a sculpture emerging from raw stone. He has cultivated such a balance of patience and drive that he knows when to play, he knows when to push, and he knows when to simply wait. In this way, he helps everyone to get to know ourselves better in the process.

Joshua Edjida

Author - Healer - Coach

For 6 months i was looking for an expert who is able to express the essence of my brand into a logo, and Sebastian did it so well. He works on many different realms of design, marketing, geometry but what i love about him that he brings spiritual depth to his projects, creating unique forms of love and light. 

Nisarga Eryk Dobosz

Bodyworker & Trainer

Sebastian created a logo and a website for me. I am very happy with the results. He understood quickly about my vision and took initiative with ideas and design that lead further with graphical perfection and reliable technical solutions.
I can identify very well with the website and the logo and feel authentically represented by it.

Markus Breyer

Ayurveda Practitioner & Lecturer

The collaboration with Sebastian fascinates me. He does his creative work so skillfully and precisely, and from such a high energy frequency, that we get to results that amaze me, over and over again.  

I am really grateful for what he has created for me. 

Holger Eckstein

Coach, Author, Speaker

Working with Seb was a beautiful, collaborative process. He really listened and attuned to what I was wanting to express in my website and came up with many creative, professional ways to make it happen! He has a great eye for detail and always looked for ways to improve and make special touches to my site. I really appreciate that Seb is a total professional and also really honest and easy to work with on my site!

Prema McKeever

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